IM Jae (aka Ivory Mistress Jae) is an internationally recognized sex educator and coach who specializes in kinky sex. Human sexuality has fascinated her as long as she can remember. Her mother teased her that she came out of the womb boy-crazy and curious about everything to do with sex! This might have a little something to do with the fact that she grew up listening to Howard Stern and watching episodes of Benny Hill. At 17 she bought a copy of The Kama Sutra and combed through it for hours. In college,IM Jae wrote her senior honors project on sex ethics, a first for the relatively conservative Philosophy Department.

After earning her BA, she moved to Colorado, where she attended her first kinky event at a private club called Uncommon Ground. She discovered a very exciting kink community there and immersed herself in learning all she could. Within less than a year, she taught her first kinky sex class at Uncommon Ground, and, a few years later, became the club’s President. Since then, she has participated in numerous conferences and events around the United States, as well as Canada and Italy. For a list of events she has presented at, please click here.

Whether she’s presenting at a national event or coaching someone one-on-one, she takes great joy in sharing her passion for sex education with others. IM Jae believes that her considerable life experience and dedicated study of human sexuality provide her with keen insight into helping people learn about their own sexuality. She believes that education should include information technical skill as well as physical and emotional safety, but it should also be plenty of fun.

Being a kinky sex educator is more than a profession for IM Jae: she considers it a deeply personal calling in her life. Helping others to enrich their sexual lives, and thereby their whole lives, satisfies her heart in a special way and gives her satisfaction that she is bringing happiness into the world.

IM Jae has been an active member of many kink communities, and has served as a board member for a variety of clubs, including Uncommon Ground, WICK’D Denver, PUNK, Club FEM of Maryland, and Carroll County Decadence. She is currently a board member of Women Rule. Leather contests to elect leaders to represent their communities are a long-standing tradition in the kinky world (think: pageants with much sexier outfits and very exciting talent performances!). IM Jae is proud to hold the titles of Ms. World Leather 2006, Ms. Leather Colorado 2006, and Rocky Mountain Ms. Leather 2002-2003. In addition to being an educator, Jae has also done public performances at fetish balls for nightclubs around Colorado, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. She has worked as a professional Dominatrix and fetish model since 2004. IM Jae is also an artist, and some of her pieces are on display at galleries and dungeons in Maryland.

Her professional educator/coach website is