Press Release

Red Velvet Retreat is an exciting concept in women’s erotic education. An intensive, sex-positive, body-positive weekend workshop focused on discovering what kink and eroticism mean to you and your unique body. These workshops will challenge you to explore and claim a broader spectrum of pleasure for yourself, and with your intimate partners. Interactive, engaging and fun, these weekends offer comprehensive and creative education in a safe space where women of all orientations and ages (18 and over) will be welcome. Class offerings range from hands-on techniques to discussion styled lectures. Attendees will also receive a complimentary red bag filled with sensual surprises.

The September 2019 weekend retreat is specially designed for sexually dominant women as well as single people of any gender. Classes will have specific focuses for dominants and also for submissives. Additionally, we cover areas of interest such as connecting with new partners as well as enhancing your current relationships. Immerse yourself in this experience in a private dungeon and education space located in halfway between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. (This specific weekend is restricted to attendees age 21 and over.)

Please visit our website for more information.