Event Rules

A Message from your Hosts:

Our intention is always to create a safe and inclusive space, aware of our own privileges, margins and biases. We do our very best to honor our attendees needs and identities. At the core, these weekends are meant to be FUN. Also, challenging, uncomfortable, and awkward. But also, fun! And insightful, and open and warm. Plus, great food, chocolate, cushy places to sit, maybe a fire place! We want to giggle with you, and guffaw with you, and question with you, and maybe cry a bit too. We believe in enthusiastic consent and open communication in all relationships, including ours with you! We know that topics like sex, bodies, pleasure etc can be triggering for many. We acknowledge that women have to work especially hard to lay claim to their sexuality, and that many of us come to the table with triggers, baggage and history that deeply informs our sexual lives. We ask that you be aware of this in all things, and mindful of diverse perspectives. We also ask that if you are triggered, you hear/see something you don’t feel safe about, or have questions about anything, that you will speak up in whatever way feels most comfortable for you. We are here to learn too.

Please remember that confidentiality is important for the safety and comfort of all attendees. What people share at a Red Velvet Retreat stays at the retreat.